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13 /102016

Port Authority" Put the Marine Economy as No. 1

To conform to the current state institutions, Vietnam should organize the Management Board in the model of the Port Authority and adjust to suit the actual conditions in Vietnam...

Vietnam is a country with a long coastline, with the majority of goods are transported by sea, maritime transport became the main artery in the circulation system of the economy.

Located with favorable natural conditions, close to the international maritime route is the best possible condition for Vietnam port development, especially the deep-water port and international transshipment port. Especially, to put the marine economy onto the No.1, the location of a seaport system development has a very important role.

Through the practical research about the organization and management models of the water seaport in the world shows that the "Port Authority" has many advantages, and the majority of the developed countries apply it.

According to the model, the Port Authority is entitled to own the entire land, port waters and the port logistics behind the port, active in organizing the investments in building infrastructure seaport berths periodically that suits the local conditions; organize the private economic sector and perform some management functions as decentralized by the state.

To conform to current state institutions, Vietnam should organize Management Board of Port Authority Model that has adjusted to suit the actual conditions in Vietnam. Accordingly, the Management Board requires functions, tasks and specific powers. It is the right to use the lands, waters and sea port behind port logistics zone. Planning, building development plan infrastructure harbor, wharf periodically approved by Transport Ministry and by the law.

Development rights granted to the Port Authority Model will overcome the shortcomings and problems exist, ensure the construction and development of seaports complying with the plans and strategic direction. Especially would amend the scattering investment, oversupply; thereby maximizing the efficiency of seaport operations.

Also, it’s necessary to check and supervise the construction and exploitation of the port infrastructure, the logistics behind the port and industrial park according to the approved plan and performance such as organizing the exploilation of sea ports and port logistics behind in lands, waters as assigned, repairing and maintenaning the infrastructure sea ports and port logistics, industrial.

Also, the plan covers mobilizing private capital in local and foreign investment to build the port infrastructure, promoting the advantages and flexibility in the management and operation of seaports, particularly from the private sector.

What’s more, it denotes the recovery of the entire revenues of fees and port charges and the value obtained from the advantages of geographical location and natural conditions of the port, ensuring the selection of the competent Port Operator with the optimal rents.

However, "Port Authority" in the immediate future only applys in the areas of national key seaports; the initial constructions are Lach Huyen - Haiphong, Van Phong - Khanh Hoa, that gradually improves and applies to other important ports in the future.

The construction of modern seaport system with organizational models and efficient port management, in line with the development trend of the world and the actual conditions in Vietnam are necessary to ensure the circulation of goods serve economic and social development. It makes our country a powerful nation that has advantages of sea and enrich from the sea. 



17/ 10/ 2016




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